Heidi has published two books. Her children’s book, Treasure Hunt, was inspired by her own two children when they began exploring in their yard one sunny afternoon. Watching their excitement, she scratched down a story about a treasure hunt, which she read to them. They enjoyed it so much she decided to have it published. But Treasure Hunt proved to be just the beginning. A few months later, she and her family ventured on a journey far away from family and friends. Looking to bring her life into focus, she began writing once again. The story poured out of her and once it was finished she knew it was meant to be shared. The Refuge is a powerful story of struggle and triumph showing that through it all, we will endure.

Writing is an expression of our souls that often provides tremendous clarity and insights into our deepest emotions. It can help us re-evaluate our lives as we move forward and begin the process of healing.

Writing has always been a central component in Heidi’s life. It’s her creative outlet and continually renews her connection with her mind, body, and spirit. She is currently writing another novel and also incorporates writing into her Healing Power of Writing Circles as well as her Reiki sessions. Through poignant questions, clients explore their perceptions and emotions in new ways, revealing new insights and providing opportunities where people can fully express their inner truths.

The Refuge

Anna Waters, the youngest partner in a Boston law firm, feels her life spinning out of control after a tragic accident takes the life of her unborn child. She works endless hours, distancing herself from family, friends, and especially her husband. In quick succession, she finds herself divorced and jobless. Just when she thinks she has nothing left, a dream beckons her to take a life-changing journey. Completely alone, she leaves everything she knows and drives to the countryside of South Carolina. She first meets Clark, a common soul who knows all about grief. He helps her deepen her understanding of spirituality, which sets in motion a journey of self-discovery and hope. Along the way she befriends an adorable girl named Lucita who not only captures her heart, but also helps absolve the pain of never knowing a daughter. Her refuge isn’t without complications: love triangles, alcoholism, jealousy, and sickness find a way into all their lives. These difficulties force Anna to look deeper and deeper within her soul, facing the ultimate question... Once I learn to love myself, will it really be enough?

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Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt, treasure hunt, on our way …. And so the adventure begins in this playful story. Readers take off with a group of curious schoolchildren who have embarked on a field trip of exploration which takes them over the river, through the woods, and into a dark cave in search of an unexpected treasure. Children of all ages will delight in the lyrical text and vibrant illustrations as they follow along and discover just how much fun a treasure hunt can become!

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