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The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that each has its own imagery, symbolism, and story. There are 22 major arcana cards, 40 minor arcana cards and 16 court cards. Tarot decks also have suits - wands, swords, pentacles, and cups - all with their own meaning. Once we learn the meanings of the cards laid out, they tell a story. Tarot cards work like a sacred mirror — the cards we choose are exactly what our higher selves already know. They are a soul map, a true guide to self-empowerment.

Oracle cards are less structured than tarot cards and have their own theme. They might be about goddesses, crystals, animals, nature and so on. They provide insight, clarity and support when we are looking for a direction from a Higher source.

An intuitive card reading can use either tarot or oracle cards. The client shuffles the deck and pulls out cards, and Heidi places them in a spread. Then she asks questions and interprets the cards, explaining their meaning. The cards provide reassurance and insight for those seeking guidance in their life.

Astrology believes that the specific positions of stars and how the planets move in the solar system impacts our lives. Astrology readings offer insight presented through a natal birth chart. The reading illuminates our daily experiences and recognizes how the aspects are affecting us individually and as a collective whole.

An intuitive astrology reading uses a client’s birth chart to interpret their unique potential and individual strengths along with the potential challenges they might face. It is empowering and enlightening, revealing a person’s unique talents and gifts.

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